Problem with update notifications in Ovi Store

Now, I should qualify the post title here a bit—the problem isn’t with the Ovi Store client as such, but with the Store itself and the app developers.

As we know, it is only in the last week or two that the Ovi Store client finally received the capability to check the apps installed on your phone against the versions in the Store, and notify you when there are updated versions. This is a great feature, and much appreciated… except that a good number of apps (for various reasons) have their own version-update mechanism built-in.

Now, imagine this: what happens if the version in the Ovi Store, is older than the version offered by the app’s update mechanism?

I’ll save you the bother of imagining, as it happened to me yesterday with Angry Birds Rio. I’d used the game’s “check for updates” option, to pick up the latest set of levels. All well and good… until the Ovi Store told me there was a new version, which I foolishly installed without checking the version numbers. Result: a downgrade, and the new levels were gone. D’oh!

All was not lost: I simply reinstalled the update from within the game, and I would hope that the Ovi Store gets up to speed with Angry Birds Rio soon. However, I fear this won’t be the last time I encounter this issue—aside from the other Angry Birds variants, there will be other apps where this has the potential to re-occur, and as long as the Ovi Store app continues to assume that its version is the correct one, one should be careful not simply to accept “blindly” the option to “update all” apps, when Ovi Store presents it.

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