Why does Ovi Store hate Angry Birds?

Where Tim lets off a bit of steam at Nokia’s Ovi Store, for a suspiciously greater-than-expected set of problems relating to the Angry Birds games. Could this be the mischievous hand – trotter? – of the green pigs at work?

Problem with update notifications in Ovi Store

Now, I should qualify the post title here a bit—the problem isn’t with the Ovi Store client as such, but with the Store itself and the app developers. As we know, it is only in the last week or two that the Ovi Store client finally received the capability to check the apps installed on […]

Before the gig…

It’s less than two hours before my daughter goes on-stage for a concert with a large group of other young musicians, and I’m taking a few minutes of relative peace in our nearby hotel room (Joy (my wife) is staying at the concert venue to help Naomi out). I’ll be heading off there myself before […]

Nokia N8: slimming down the homescreens

With the fashion for providing ever more “homescreens” on mobile phones, Tim reveals his attempt to swim against the tide, and drop from three homescreens on his Nokia N8, to two. Why? Read on…

Nokia BH-905i – review

Tim rolls out a bumper review of Nokia’s flagship Bluetooth stereo headset, and reveals a couple of surprises he wasn’t expecting… not least, his conclusion! (note: quite lengthy, and contains numerous photos and multimedia)