An autumnal moment

It’s a textbook English autumn morning, in the chapter titled “grey but not yet raining”. Most trees still have their leaves, increasingly turning golden yellow and russet brown, begging for a dash of late September sun to set them off before they fall. This morning, they may be disappointed. I entered that paragraph almost completely […]

Back from fishin’…

Just to let you know that I’ve been back from my summer break for over two weeks (!), and to apologise for not posting here since… I’ve been on Twitter regularly, but in some ways have yet to get back into the “swing of things” this month. Stick around, though, and I will be back […]

Gone fishin’…

Tim’s off for his summer break, and by way of an experiment, that includes social media… Read on for more details, or just note that he’ll be back at the start of September đŸ™‚

Problem with update notifications in Ovi Store

Now, I should qualify the post title here a bit—the problem isn’t with the Ovi Store client as such, but with the Store itself and the app developers. As we know, it is only in the last week or two that the Ovi Store client finally received the capability to check the apps installed on […]

Before the gig…

It’s less than two hours before my daughter goes on-stage for a concert with a large group of other young musicians, and I’m taking a few minutes of relative peace in our nearby hotel room (Joy (my wife) is staying at the concert venue to help Naomi out). I’ll be heading off there myself before […]