Why does Ovi Store hate Angry Birds?

(being a sequel of sorts to “Problem with update notifications in Ovi Store”)

If anyone involved with the Ovi Store happens to be reading this, I would be most grateful if you would please answer this one query:

Are you really the green pigs in disguise?

If you are like me—here, in the sense that you are (a) a fan of the Angry Birds series of games, and (b) an owner of a Nokia smartphone—you may have noticed a couple of matters that make the experience, shall we say, less than ideally pleasant.

Firstly: at time of writing, the Ovi Store (online app repository for Nokia phones) has yet to take delivery of the latest instalment of Angry Birds Rio, despite the update having been available via the game’s built-in update facility for the past couple of weeks. This would be tolerable (if irritating), if it weren’t for the recent addition of app version-checking to the Ovi Store client—meaning that if you update ABR from the game itself, Ovi Store will try and overwrite it with the previous version (wiping the latest “episode” of levels in the process).

Please, Ovi: as they say across the Atlantic, “get with the program”.

If the above is an annoyance, however, the following falls into the “flying furniture” category.

A week or two ago, Rovio released “Mine And Dine”, the latest “episode” of the original Angry Birds, on various platforms—not, it would appear, including Symbian (i.e. Nokia). First thing this morning, I checked the Ovi Store for app updates, and lo and behold, Angry Birds (original) was present.

Given my earlier experience, perhaps I should have checked the game itself first, but in my defence I think I was just happy that the Ovi Store seemed to be updating the game, so I hit “update this”. I then fired up Angry Birds…

First, the good news: “Mine And Dine” was showing in the episode list.

The bad news: there was a big padlock over it.

The worse news: there was a big padlock over all the other episodes (which I have completed).

The even worse news: there were padlocks over all the levels in the first episode, aside from the very first level.


OK, I composed myself sufficiently to avoid throwing anything, but after spending all these months painstakingly picking my way through hundreds of Angry Birds levels, the idea of having to start all over again—it is fair to say—does not exactly appeal.

I don’t know where the fault lies here—Rovio or the Ovi Store—but although I suspect Ovi, I don’t really care. Whomever this applies to: please just sort it out, and get your Angry Birds house (whether it be wood, glass, concrete or whatever) in order?

In the meantime, it looks like one of my missions for the summer is clear…

2 thoughts on “Why does Ovi Store hate Angry Birds?

  1. I think you are still very lucky because when I go to Ovi Store, all they offer me as AB v 1.5.4, NOT v.1.6.0

    Even though the game description says v.1.6.0 withthe new pics, the game itself is still the old version! I don’t know why other Ovi users are not having this problem.

    Also, none one my in-game updates work. Ever.


  2. Same thing happened to me. I have restored a relatively recent backup which got me back most of Angry Birds Original but leaves me about 30 levels of RIO to re-do. Apparently there are ways of saving highscores and settings files but that only really works if installed to mass memory. I’ve previously installed some games to C: which means I can’t write the highscores.lua file back to the phone. And to top it all off somewhere in the process Ovi Store itself has broken meaning I’ve had to downgrade to 2.06. I suppose the blessing here is that I won’t get the update reminders which ruined everything in the first place.

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