Six apps I’d pay for on my Nokia N8 (if it meant someone would actually write them)

(being a sequel of sorts to yesterday’s post)

  • A PPTP (or OpenVPN) VPN client
  • An FTP client
  • A “point at the sky and find out what celestial object(s) you’re pointing at” augmented-reality planetarium app (Update (2011/06/14): I just found out that such an app exists for Symbian^3 devices: Astroller. It costs £1.50 from the Ovi Store, so I splashed out—it has its own display rather than trying to overlay details on a camera image, but generally works pretty well. Perhaps I’ll review it here sometime.)
  • A FaceTime clone which can work over a LAN
  • A software analogue synthesiser with a “ribbon controller”-type touch interface (think: a software clone of the Korg Monotron)
  • A video-editor which does captions and transitions that don’t stink (like, er, the video-editor my Nokia N95 had back in 2007)

(own up: how many times during that list, did you think “what, Nokia phones don’t have that yet?” I know, I know…)

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