Five items I really want to see added to my Nokia N8 (but possibly never will)

  1. DLNA/UPnP – OK, this one is probably the most likely (least unlikely?) of the five to appear, if only because Nokia keeps promising specifically they’ll add it to Symbian^3 “a bit further down the road”. Um, we haven’t forgotten, chaps.
  2. PPTP (or even better, OpenVPN) VPN functionality – yes, yes, i know there’s a Nokia VPN client available for Symbian^3, but it’s IPSec-based. Better than nothing, except a lot of folk need PPTP (native Windows) or OpenVPN to access their network securely. (I’d settle for either of those for my home network. I’m not fussy… well, OK, I’d prefer OpenVPN, ‘cos I’m a Linux sort of fellow.)
  3. FLAC and/or Ogg Vorbis audio support in the Music Player – file under “pffft, forget it”. Next?
  4. Video-calling support in Skype – oh, hang on, didn’t Skype just get bought by Microsoft the other week? Yes, I’m sure further development of the Symbian Skype client (or for that matter, for any other OS that doesn’t feature “Windows” in its name) is really going to be a high priority from this point on. Don’t hold your breath.
  5. An equivalent to Apple’s “Find My iPhone” app – oh yes, I would definitely use this, especially as my wife has a Nokia C7 (the Astound, in the States). (Can I also add “an equivalent to FaceTime”? Yes? Thanks a bunch.)

2 thoughts on “Five items I really want to see added to my Nokia N8 (but possibly never will)

  1. Which is exactly why my next phone won’t be Symbian — although not officially dead it really is. Who would ‘waste’ time & effort developing in a platform that has such a limited life left?

    It’s a great shame that Nokia have opted for Windows Phone (well, the $1 billion they were paid to make the choice would of helped). Nokia have always made some of the best hardware and under the hood Symbian is just about as good as it got they were just let down by an increasing decrepit UI. But since the announcement everyone in my company have asked to move away from Nokia, me included. Nokia have made their bed … now they have to lie in it. (Half expect Microsoft to go the whole hog and buy out Nokia).

    I have a nasty suspicion the next phone of choice will be a Galaxy S2 or Atrix.


    1. Hi John (think I know which one 🙂 ) – thanks for commenting. Ironically, given the Windows Phone announcement (and you really don’t want to get me “on one” regarding that, trust me!), there seems to have been a “wave” of pretty good apps coming out for Symbian^3 in recent weeks, mostly using the Qt development platform. Of course, it will inevitably tail off over time, but for the time being I’m rather more interested in everything my N8 can do right now, rather than what might happen in the next 2-3 years!

      I’ve said it before elsewhere, but I really believe I’m going to end up running my N8 into the ground, because I really don’t see any handset matching it for the foreseeable future. I actually like the Symbian UI, but that’s my personal preference (why do so many people criticise the UI as if it’s objective fact?) – Nokia’s build quality is praised even by its critics, and I’ve yet to find any Android or (certainly) Windows Phone device which can match my N8’s features and build quality.

      Perhaps in two years’ time I’ll have come across that device, but for now I’m sticking with the N8 🙂

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