Why does Ovi Store hate Angry Birds?

Where Tim lets off a bit of steam at Nokia’s Ovi Store, for a suspiciously greater-than-expected set of problems relating to the Angry Birds games. Could this be the mischievous hand – trotter? – of the green pigs at work?

Whatever happened to 3G video-calling?

Tim shines a torch into one of the dusty corners of the mobile technology world – looking at a service which once seemed to promise great things, only to vanish almost completely – and finds that it offers more than he thought.

PC in your pocket

For me, one of the most interesting apps to be released so far for my Nokia N8—and perhaps showing the greatest potential in the long run—is Big Screen. This comes from Nokia’s Beta Labs division, where one of the company’s biggest assets (its R&D and “blue sky thinking”) gets given full rein; apps from Beta […]

Test post from my Nokia N8

Just trying out sending a blog post from my Nokia N8 mobile phone (via the Symbian WordPress app in the Ovi Store). Hope this works well, so I can do more mobile blogging in 2011 🙂