Currently listening to… (27 May 2011)

David Kitt – The Nightsaver

The most recent album (2009) from the Irish singer-songwriter, currently touring as an additional member of Tindersticks. “Kittser”‘s distinctive blend of guitars and electronica is present as always, but this time with more touches of Eighties synth-pop than his previous albums. With the exception of some female vocals on two songs, this is Kittser’s first “just-about-solo” long-player since his 2000 début “Small Moments”, and the shadows of his previous “break-up” album “Not Fade Away” (2006) linger in the corners. Still, a good listen.

Jack Johnson – To The Sea

The surfer-turned-gazillion-selling-eco-friendly-singer-songwriter’s latest offering tweaks his winning formula just a bit (it’s a bit more electric and rocking than his usual acoustic approach). Lyrically, as is his wont, Jack tends to oscillate between “I’m mellowing out with my friends and family, man” and “hey, there are, like, some really heavy and uncool people in the world, right”, but if that’s your bag, man, then you’ll like really dig this album, yeah… [That’s enough hippy argot – Ed.]

Robert Illesh – Golden

A friend of mine passed on this album to me, saying he reckoned this would be “right up my street”—he was not wrong. Guitarist Robert Illesh moves in the Yes circle, and as lead guitarist in the Yes tribute band “Fragile”, has shared stages with Steve Howe and other “affirmative” alumni. I understand “Golden” is the “solo acoustic guitar” album that Illesh has wanted to record for a long time—it is a fine choice for those “chill-out” moments, reminiscent to these ears of the likes of Anthony Phillips and Gordon Giltrap. Would like to hear more.

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