Tips for using a Polaroid PoGo with a Symbian cameraphone

Image of Polaroid PoGo
Polaroid PoGo (with photo it printed)

The Polaroid PoGo—my latest bit of mobile tech—is a nifty little gadget, and works very well printing 2″x3″ sticky-backed photos from my Nokia N8, over either a Bluetooth or USB (PictBridge) connection. However, the “instruction leaflet” included in the box is little more than a “quick-start” with pictograms, so a bit light on detail, especially when it comes to the finer technical points of setting up the connection between the PoGo and the camera(phone).

Fortunately, it’s not difficult (as ever: when you know how 🙂 ) to get the devices co-operating, so here are a couple of tips I have learned since I bought the PoGo. These apply most specifically to Symbian^3-based cameraphones like my Nokia N8, but may be of use to others—just adapt as required!


The “quick-start” leaflet basically informs you that you can “beam” photos to the PoGo from your Bluetooth-enabled device, with the enclosed four-digit passcode, but doesn’t go into any detail about how to set this up.

In my experience, for the least bother, you need to “pair” the PoGo with your device first, before you go anywhere near your photos. I’ll assume you know how to do this on your phone, but when the Bluetooth assistant is searching for the PoGo, you should look in the “found devices” list for the name “Polaroid xx yy zz” (where “xx yy zz” is a three-part hexadecimal code, probably a unique identifier for your PoGo).

(In passing: it seems the PoGo is constantly in “visible mode” in Bluetooth, and the passcode is the same for every PoGo, so I’d turn off the printer if you don’t need it immediately, to avoid any risk of mischievous geeks beaming you inappropriate images (or more practically, just to save the battery—you’ll need it!).)

After you’ve paired the devices, it’s simply a case of going to the photo gallery on the phone, selecting the photo you want to print, choosing the “Send…/to Bluetooth” option, then selecting your PoGo’s device name (see above). Bear in mind that a full 12Mp photo from the N8 can take over a minute just to beam over to the PoGo (even before printing starts), so if you want your pic quick and a USB cable connection isn’t an issue, I’d consider using that over Bluetooth. And on that subject…

USB (PictBridge)

Both the PoGo and the N8 (and its brethren) support the PictBridge standard for connecting digital cameras via USB to devices such as printers, so this makes a handy alternative to Bluetooth, if a cable connection is not an issue. USB is certainly faster than Bluetooth, and I imagine it places less of a drain on the battery of both printer and phone, so is worth consideration.

The main item to be aware of with the N8 here, is which USB mode to set. Remember, there are four USB connection options on the phone, under Menu > Settings > Connectivity > USB (“Nokia Ovi Suite”, “Mass storage”, “Media transfer”, and “Conn. PC to net”). Perhaps unsurprisingly, the one you need is “Media transfer”—just remember to set it back to your original option when you’ve finished printing.

Early days…

I’ve only recently acquired my PoGo, so am still getting the hang of this little wonder—if I find any other handy hints to pass on, I’ll either post them here or to my Twitter feed. I doubt I’ll write a full review, though; just do the Web search of your choice for “Polaroid PoGo review”, and you’re spoilt for choice…

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