Gone fishin’…

Tim’s off for his summer break, and by way of an experiment, that includes social media… Read on for more details, or just note that he’ll be back at the start of September 🙂

Rediscovering Moblog

Tim revisits one of the few surviving examples of his “online life” prior to 2005, and ponders whether he could have done a better job archiving it all. (Answer: probably.)

Before the gig…

It’s less than two hours before my daughter goes on-stage for a concert with a large group of other young musicians, and I’m taking a few minutes of relative peace in our nearby hotel room (Joy (my wife) is staying at the concert venue to help Naomi out). I’ll be heading off there myself before […]

Sorry for the silence…

Just a quick post to apologise for missing another week here; there were a few factors, but the main ones were a nasty “bug” (which took me out for the duration of last weekend) and the effective loss of our home broadband (ongoing, hopefully to be fixed early next week). Between all that, and a […]

PostADay to PostAWeek?

OK, I’ll come straight out with it: I’m seriously considering whether to switch from participating in WordPress‘ Post ADay2011 exercise, to their PostAWeek2011 one. Few could suggest that I haven’t given daily blogging my best shot over the past month. I’ve only missed one day so far (and tried to make up for it by […]