Checked in at BagCheck

My onward march around the “social Web”… well, marches on, with my latest flag staked in the fertile soil of BagCheck.

In short, BagCheck allows people to share lists of items, known on the site as “bags”—for example, “my travelling laptop bag”, or “the gadgets I always take with me when I go abroad”. So far, I only have one “bag” in my BagCheck area (“Ten apps my Nokia N8 would be incomplete without”), but with my fondness for lists, I suspect I’ll add to the “bags” collection before long. Rather like a WAG, really.

I’ll add this to the “distributed” column in a few moments—my, I’m all over the place these days…


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I'm a Web developer and musician. I do rather like my gadgets, which gave rise to the main topic of my old blog "Eee 701 Planetoid".

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