When I began this year, I started off with all good intentions, on the WordPress BlogADay2011 “programme” (you know, to write a blog post every day for the whole year).

I managed to keep up with it for all of January, before collapsing in an exhausted sweaty heap at the end of the month, vowing to switch to the PostAWeek2011 exercise. Guess what: I haven’t even managed to stick to that (sorry, sorry, oh sorry…), though in my defence I’ve posted a number of times a day to my Twitter feed. Am I forgiven? 😉

It hit me earlier today: at least one possible reason why I haven’t found it easy to stick to my blogging consistently. Via a roundabout route (looking for SVG background stuff, as it happens), I wandered into Burningbird, and noticed that its author (Shelley) posted more often than me, but she frequently wrote posts which to my eyes, seemed much shorter than mine—in extremis, more like slightly expanded Twitter posts. On the rare occasions when I’ve written here this year, I tend to pour out reams of text, which I can’t say for certain are always that entertaining. (It’s one reason why I love Twitter, that I’m forced to write in 140 characters or less. To me, it feels like composing haiku.)

Moreover, Shelley had a post category called “Status”—presumably for the kind of brief updates which she would toss onto Twitter and/or Facebook (if she’s on there, which I haven’t checked).

Well, knock me down with a feather, if that’s not a jolly good idea, which I hereby appropriate (OK, “nick”) for this here blog. I’m going to try posting here more often, but probably with rather shorter texts for the most part—they’ll also cross-post to Twitter (and Facebook, if I can get the WordPress auto-notification feature working reliably again—still not sure what’s wrong with that), so perhaps this blog will become more of an extension to my Twitter feed than it’s been until now. I may also introduce a “status” category myself, even if I end up calling it something different.

In the unlikely event, in passing, that anyone’s wondering if I’ll ever move this blog off and into my own Web space: frankly, I think it’s unlikely for the time being for various reasons, though as with many things in my life, I wouldn’t like to rule it out entirely. I must say, though, I’ve rather got used to “living” in this particular (cyber)space…

So: more shorter posts on the way. See you here soon(er).

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