PostADay to PostAWeek?

OK, I’ll come straight out with it: I’m seriously considering whether to switch from participating in WordPress‘ Post ADay2011 exercise, to their PostAWeek2011 one.

Few could suggest that I haven’t given daily blogging my best shot over the past month. I’ve only missed one day so far (and tried to make up for it by posting twice the next day), and by a process of logical deduction, have posted something here every day otherwise. So, the letter of the law, at least, has been fulfilled.

Trouble is, I’m not really content with that. From this end, it feels as if the quality of what I’ve written here, has been extremely variable. Unless one is an exceptional writer, it really does take time to craft a decent blog post—I envy the likes of Diamond Geezer, who manage to put out well-written, well-researched blog posts every day for years on end, and I imagine in his particular case, that DG’s blog constitutes a major part of his life.

I also happen to know (because he has blogged about it) that DG has a major advantage over me in the daily-blogging stakes: he’s single. That’s not to criticise my family by any means, but it’s a simple fact: between work and home commitments, I’m realising that I just don’t have it in me to fulfil these, plus put out a scintillating piece of gripping prose ever twenty-four hours. On this occasion, the red-and-blue “S” belongs on the Man Of Steel’s chest, not mine 🙂

But, in the end, this blog belongs as much to you, the readers (assuming I have any, which to be frank I’m still not clear on at this point). Are you enjoying, or otherwise tolerating (!) my daily efforts, or would you agree that it’s time to bow to the perhaps-inevitable, and move over to the “once a week at least” camp?

The comments field awaits—it’s over to you…

One thought on “PostADay to PostAWeek?

  1. You do have at least one reader, Tim, albeit one who is biased by virtue of having donated 50% of your genes a few years back. I confess that I am not a daily follower, since I do wish to stay married. After 40+ years of connubial bliss my dear wife is probably secure in regard to my marital faithfulness, but if I veer too far towards living in my computer, well, “hell hath no fury…” So keep up the good work old son. Even though I don’t understand most of your technical wisdom I greatly appreciate your wit and your easy but skilful writing style. And… good luck with your choice of pill colour – remember, only a moving car can be steered.

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