Hello, podcast visitors…

…and apologies that the place is in a bit of a state; it only just occurred to me that I should probably prepare a bit more for folk coming here for the first time ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for visitingโ€”I’ll update this post shortly with more stuff of possible interest, but if you’d like to find more […]

Sorry for the silence…

Just a quick post to apologise for missing another week here; there were a few factors, but the main ones were a nasty “bug” (which took me out for the duration of last weekend) and the effective loss of our home broadband (ongoing, hopefully to be fixed early next week). Between all that, and a […]


Where Tim reveals the not-entirely-unexpected news, that he’s switching from WordPress’ “PostADay2011” initiative, to “PostAWeek2011″…

PostADay to PostAWeek?

OK, I’ll come straight out with it: I’m seriously considering whether to switch from participating in WordPress‘ Post ADay2011 exercise, to their PostAWeek2011 one. Few could suggest that I haven’t given daily blogging my best shot over the past month. I’ve only missed one day so far (and tried to make up for it by […]

Testing posting from my Nokia N8 (again)

I was writing a post for today, which I suppose you could say ran into a metaphorical muddy patch and got stuck. I hope to be able to free it again in time for tomorrow evening (and that you’ll feel it was worth a small delay), so in the meantime I am posting a “test” […]