So, I’ve made the decision: as of today, I’m “changing tracks”, “crossing the floor”, whatever… and moving from WordPress’ “PostADay2011” initiative, to “PostAWeek2011”.

If you read my post a few days ago about my blog’s frequency, this move won’t (or shouldn’t) come as a complete “bolt from the blue”. (I wrote in that post about my thinking behind the then-potential switch; suffice it to say, the “yes” argument won out in the end, so if you’re wondering why I’m “jumping”, that post should fill you in.)

Basically, I feel as if I gave daily blogging the “best shot” I could, but in the end I just couldn’t give the activity the time I felt it deserved, and maintain the quality that I wanted to bring to the site. That said, I look forward to a slightly more leisurely schedule (and hopefully a hike in the quality, though I can’t promise anything 😉 ); I may well post more than once a week if there’s something to bring, but I think the new routine should prove more manageable to keep up with.

Sorry if I’ve disappointed anyone, though I hope you’ll stick around and keep reading—I promise to do my best to make it worth your while!

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