PC in your pocket

For me, one of the most interesting apps to be released so far for my Nokia N8β€”and perhaps showing the greatest potential in the long runβ€”is Big Screen. This comes from Nokia’s Beta Labs division, where one of the company’s biggest assets (its R&D and “blue sky thinking”) gets given full rein; apps from Beta […]

Taking FLAC

Tim has decided to try another open-source file format for his home music library… and if that doesn’t sound of any interest to you, you might wish to come back tomorrow πŸ˜‰

Red or blue pill

Remembering a classic sci-fi film, with its famous depiction of a life-changing choice between “realities”. Which would I – or you – take?

Pulling teeth

Where Tim goes fishing for sympathy, having spent so long not writing songs that he feels he’s forgotten completely how he ever did it…