Where Tim reveals the not-entirely-unexpected news, that he’s switching from WordPress’ “PostADay2011” initiative, to “PostAWeek2011″…

A six-course feast

Tim writes about why he loves the twelve-string guitar, and is reserving hearty congratulations for the first reader to point out the significance of the post’s title…

PostADay to PostAWeek?

OK, I’ll come straight out with it: I’m seriously considering whether to switch from participating in WordPress‘ Post ADay2011 exercise, to their PostAWeek2011 one. Few could suggest that I haven’t given daily blogging my best shot over the past month. I’ve only missed one day so far (and tried to make up for it by […]

Testing posting from my Nokia N8 (again)

I was writing a post for today, which I suppose you could say ran into a metaphorical muddy patch and got stuck. I hope to be able to free it again in time for tomorrow evening (and that you’ll feel it was worth a small delay), so in the meantime I am posting a “test” […]

Introducing Sunny and Harry

Tim decides a blurry video clip may not have provided the best first glimpse here of the two four-legged members of the family, and tries to make up for it a bit.