I’ll come straight out with it: I apologise for not being able to put out a “BlogADay2011” post yesterday. The reasons are varied, but it boils down to something coming up yesterday evening which sucked up my creative (and other) energies, and in the end I felt I had nothing left to write at that point in time. (It didn’t help that the WordPress app on my Nokia N8 seems to have a problem starting up at the moment.)

Actually, I admit I’m finding the PostADay2011 exercise really tough right now anyway, but thankfully The Daily Post has provided a few tips to assist those feeling the strain. I’m considering a few ideas, including switching to “PostAWeek” (!) and not beating myself up if I miss the occasional post here and there, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wonder sometimes what on earth I was thinking when I started this exercise 😉

And no, I don’t have much idea what I’ll write about later today, but I’m already searching my dusty old brain for possibilities…

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