So, how’s my “song a month” mission going?

The title says it all—of course, you remember my rash inclusion in my New Year’s resolutions, of a pledge to write a new song (or instrumental) every month throughout 2011?

Well, guess what: nothing so far. Truth be told, I feel as if I’m facing a total writer’s-block situation—no, actually, it’s worse. In fact, I am having trouble remembering how I ever composed anything in the past. I listen to my old demos from as recently as 2009, and really have little idea how I could’ve come up with the material. It’s almost like listening to someone else.

But, as they say, “a bet’s a bet”, so one way or another, I’m going to put something together in time for the end of the month. I have a fair idea what I could be doing for the next two weekends…

(Incidentally, I apologise for the rather cursory efforts I’ve been making on this blog over the last few days. I admit I’ve been struggling to write much, and even less of it is of much quality; however, I appreciate everyone who is following my floundering efforts, and I promise I’ll raise my game as soon as possible.)

One thought on “So, how’s my “song a month” mission going?

  1. Oh i like! Lemme tell you, we’re all strugglin’ don be jived! ‘tsgreat that you’re up everyday! Quality will come, as will your song. Thanks for helping us along!

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