A sad loss

When I arrived home from work this evening, I picked up the newsletter of my old university English department, and was halted in my tracks at page four, by some news that I never expected: the death of my tutor for much of the duration of my degree (1991-1994). Dr Margaret Locherbie-Cameron passed away on 6th November 2010, having suffered from cancer.

Others could—and probably have already—paid deserving tribute to her professional accomplishments, but I have time here only to remember her as the source of my abiding interest in Anglo-Saxon literature and culture, and the member of staff who ran the Children’s Fiction course in the Bangor English department. I wish I could have had the chance to ask her what she made of Harry Potter, though I have a fair idea (probably involving observations on JK Rowling’s sources for the novels, and her success in combining them).

I hope I will have time another day to write more on this, but it’s just not possible for me tonight—because I am out of time for my “post a day”; because I want to do my old tutor justice; and because, with the realisation that all three of my university tutors are no longer with us, I hope you’ll understand why I just don’t feel like I can tonight.

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