Brief bits (Jan 23rd)

  • Well, I promised I’d report back on last night’s viewing of “Scott Pilgrim Vs The World”, so: yes, I quite enjoyed it overall. Not sure I’d buy the Blu-ray (or DVD or whatever), but I might want to check out the original graphic novels… (I also did a bit of a running commentary on the movie on my Twitter feed last night—look for the posts hashtagged with #scottpilgrim.)
  • A passing follow-up to my post on 3G video-calling in the UK: I happen to be on a network which is merging with another one, and they have implemented “roaming” between the networks (i.e. if reception is poor or non-existent on “your” network, your phone will switch to the other one, if possible).
    All well and good, except if I want to make a video call: these will only work if I’m connected to “my” network. If my phone has linked up to the other one, video calls are not available—a bit of an issue, given that the other network often has rather better coverage than mine, and so I spend quite a lot of time connected to it. Wish they’d hurry up and merge properly…
  • There’s a really good article on New Malden’s Korean community on the BBC News site—we know some of the places mentioned and photographed in it, and it’s mostly very positive.
  • I have a few ideas for the song I know I’ve committed to post here by the end of the month, so I think I’ll just have to set myself a challenge of “write and demo it in one evening”…

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