New release: “The Rockpool Files” EP

I’m not usually full of surprises, but I hope this counts:

It’s been almost six months since I put out “Homecooked: Songs From FAWM 2013”, and as I’ve said that I have no plans to put out my demos from 50/90 2013 here (not that I’m sure how many of them there will be, given my recent post on 50/90), I thought it was time to release some new material for my Bandcamp page…

Cover image for The Rockpool Files EP…and here it is: “The Rockpool Files”, a four-song EP (well, three songs and one instrumental) with a loose “summer” theme running through them. Two of the songs (“Memory Lane” and “Santa’s Summer Holiday”), I wrote for 50/90 (ongoing; I haven’t given up on it quite yet…); “Azure” is a tweaked version of a demo of the Bismark bs-16i SoundFont sample instrument player app, that I recorded in the spring; and I wrote and recorded “Coffee, Toast And Cornflakes” a few months ago, but didn’t quite know what to “do” with it.

All four tracks have been remixed and, in some cases, generally tweaked and buffed up for release—I laid down a bit of extra vocals on “Santa”, mainly to correct a horribly flat note or two on the original recording, and “Azure” got a bit of editing to fix slips and mis-steps here and there.

I produced the cover using the iPhone app VinylizeMe—the photos were all my own work, but the layout is a VM production. If you’re an iDevice owner and have a penchant for vintage 50s and 60s record covers, it’s a good fun app to play around with (and I have at least one 50/90/FAWM friend who produces all his album covers with it!).

(In case anyone is wondering why I had time to put this together, but “not” for ploughing on with my 50/90 songs: these tracks have been “in the can” for some weeks, and it just needed an hour or two for me to finish off the (re)mixing and upload the tracks. I haven’t given up on 50/90 (honest!), but this EP has a “summer” theme, and we’re almost halfway through August, so if I was going to release “Rockpool” this year, I felt I couldn’t really leave it any longer…)

“The Rockpool Files” EP is available for download only from Bandcamp, for a minimum of £2—hope you enjoy it, and that it makes an enjoyable soundtrack for however much summer we have left 🙂

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