50/90 Challenge 2013: announcing a “go-slow”

You may recall, if you’re following me here or on one of my multifarious social media presences, that I am currently taking part in the 2013 50/90 Challenge. If you need the background, feel free to read the above-linked previous post, and/or go directly to my “artist page” at the 50/90 site. It’ll help make sense of the rest of this one…

If you’ve looked at my 50/90 contributions thus far, you’d notice my submission rate has slowed dramatically since late July. The more astute may have worked out that this coincided with the school summer break (certainly in the UK)—I took a week off with my family last week, which was the main reason I only got one song out and onto the site during that period.

Now we’re back, things have really become hectic at home. My daughter has to be entertained, looked after, etc. while she’s off school, and my wife (who is working for an MA degree) has her final portfolio/dissertation to complete in the next few weeks. Clearly I need to support her in that, not least by generally trying my best to hold the household together 🙂

You may well have a sense of where this is heading…

As a result, I’ve been struggling to find time, energy, inspiration for 50/90 activity, but I feel I committed to taking part in the Challenge (even if, as I wrote on my artist page bio at the outset, I’m very unlikely to meet the 50-song “target”), and I would rather not withdraw entirely.

So, in a nutshell, I wanted to let you all know that as far as 50/90 is concerned, I’m going into “semi-hibernation”, probably for at least the next three weeks or so. I’ll try to comment on other participants’ songs, may well pop up on the 50/90 forums here and there, and may even contribute the odd song or two where I can, but basically, the “song every two days” routine is well and truly out of the window until at least early September. (And yes: so is any realistic chance of hitting 50 songs, but there you go.)

Once my wife’s MA work is “in” and daughter’s back at school, hopefully I can return to something like what I “should” be doing for the Challenge. I enjoy the activity, and already I’ve written some songs which wouldn’t have existed without 50/90, but there are times when family must be put first, and this feels like one to me.

As always, for the latest developments, stay tuned to my Twitter feed, my Facebook “artist page”, my page at 50/90 or… hey, how about all of them? 🙂 In particular, keep an eye out for a little thank-you I’m preparing, for everyone who has an interest in what I do musically. If all goes well, it should be ready within the next few days… and that’s all I’m saying for now. Catch you round…

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