50/90 Challenge 2013

Just checking in to let you know that—ignoring the voice in my head asking “er, do you think that’s wise, sir?”—I am placing myself on the starting grid for the 2013 50/90 Challenge, which begins this Thursday (4 July 2013).

For the uninitiated—or simply those who forgot that I did the 50/90 Challenge last year!—it is a Web-coordinated “event” where songwriters all over the world aim to write, record and submit fifty new and original songs in the space of ninety days. Although in the end, last year I “only” completed 36 submissions, I enjoyed the experience (not least the camaraderie of running this crazy race with hundreds of other musos around the globe), and wrote and recorded 36 songs (at least some of which I count amongst my best efforts) which probably wouldn’t have existed otherwise.

This time around, I decided that although I will aim for the “full fifty”, I am not going to beat myself up over it, especially with the other commitments I have on my plate at present (work, family, etc.). If I fall short in 50/90 because I needed to devote more attention to other things, then so be it—that said, I’m not just going to stop partway through… unless I’m asked to by The Powers That Be (at home 😉 )!

So, for the up-to-the-hour developments, you can follow me via my Twitter feed, my Facebook “artist page” or at my 50/90 Challenge page. Things kick off in two days, so until then: I have some guitars to prepare…

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