Gone fishin’…

Everyone needs a break, and summer seems as good a time as any for one…

It feels like a long time since I took a complete rest from social media (Twitter, Facebook, blogging, etc.), so a summer break with my family would seem as good an excuse as any. By way of a self-inflicted social experiment, I also wouldn’t mind finding out how twitchy I get if I can’t tweet something umpteen times a day for a week or two, and whether it’s worse than “Diet Coke detox” 😉

Basically, should all go to plan, it’s going to be pretty quiet from me for the rest of the month. Whilst I should have at least intermittent Internet access, and should be checking email from time to time, I would assume that Twitter, Facebook, etc. is going to be a “me-free zone” until the start of September. (If I’m in your Twitter timeline, please don’t un-follow me because I’ve gone silent!)

Anyway, hope you all behave without me, and I’ll see you all back here at the start of September. TTFN

2 thoughts on “Gone fishin’…

  1. Thanks Dave! Liked the 1970 ATV continuity clock recreation – REALLY wish I could work Synfig Studio like that…

    Catch you round 🙂

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