Now in the SoundCloud

I haven’t posted much here related to my musical activities in a while, but I thought you might like to know I’ve set up an account on the audio-sharing service SoundCloud.

I’ve been thinking of signing up with them, since I found out that comedy writer/performer and guitarist Robert Popper (Look Around You, Tarvu, etc.) posts little guitar pieces there from time to time. Whilst I already have a page at BandCamp for my musical endeavours, I feel that outlet is better suited to my “completed” recordings (whatever that may mean).

That in mind, I intend to use my SoundCloud page for sharing “works in progress”, rough demos, sketches, that sort of thing. Basically, if I want to let you have a listen to something I’m working on, but feel it isn’t yet finished, needs further work, etc., I would pop it up on SoundCloud, and save the completed “masterpieces” for BandCamp. (Speaking of which, I’m now recording tracks and assembling/composing new ones, for an instrumental album which I intend to finish and (hopefully) make available by the end of 2011, so it might be worth keeping an eye on SoundCloud for “pointers” for the album over the next few months.)

It’s also entirely possible that, if there is sufficient interest in the SoundCloud tracks, I might even compile an album of them for release on BandCamp—this would naturally depend on quantity, quality and so on, so we’ll have to see how that goes.

Anyway, here’s my SoundCloud page—enjoy your visit, and please let me know if you like what you hear (or if not, please be constructive 🙂 )…

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