Best meal of the year

We’re coming to the end of our New Year break, and I think we’ve just experienced the highlight of our time away: a marvellous dinner at an Indian restaurant we haven’t visited in quite a few years. Not that we really needed an excuse, but with our daughter’s birthday and my parents’ wedding anniversary not so far off, it seemed to us to provide a handy reason for a jolly good nosh-up…

I won’t bore you with all the details, but suffice it to say the chefs at the restaurant truly excelled themselves. In particular, Joy chose their chicken Vindaloo (I went for chicken Jalfrezi, which turned out as fine as I expected), and when she invited me to try a bit, I approached with caution.

No need 🙂 Until now, I think I harboured the suspicion that Vindaloo was an Indian term for “oops, I just knocked the whole spice cabinet into the cooking pot”. Well, I have just had my opinion turned right around on that front: yes, Joy’s Vindaloo served up on the heat front, but I could also actually taste the ingredients, which I didn’t think was the intention with that particular dish!

I have always been quietly grateful to my parents for getting me used to spicy dishes—not least because it prepared me well for meeting my wife (no, not in that way; Korean cuisine is replete with strong flavours and spices). This evening, as I celebrated a double family occasion with them and my immediate family, through the medium of some very hot Indian cooking, I reflected that I had a whole lot more to be grateful for.

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