Hunting for inspiration

When I started on my BlogADay2011 journey nearly a week ago, I recall writing that I couldn’t always guarantee a scintillating reading experience every day. I suspect this may be one of those occasions…

To be honest, the main thing on my mind in creative terms right now, concerns one of my other New Year resolutions: the “write/record one song a month this year” item. I’m not quite panicking yet (well, I have over three weeks left to resolve that problem 🙂 ), but I admit I’m struggling a bit to get myself back into “songwriting headspace” after quite a few months’ not being there.

I wonder if something I hope is waiting for me at home when I return, may help to trigger a few ideas: a Stylophone Beatbox. A retro-looking unit in the style of the classic pocket electronic organ, the Beatbox allows free-style looping and stacking of its inbuilt percussion sounds, and throws in a one-octave synth bass for good measure.

Whilst some might say the Beatbox is a mildly-amusing musical toy, I thought it might set off a few creative impulses if I start experimenting with (say) guitar and rhythm loops. However, if it fizzles out (figuratively or literally!), the box didn’t cost me a great deal, so I reckoned it was worth a punt.

Depending on how this month goes, I might start soliciting the odd creative suggestion from you, the good readers, if you don’t mind 🙂 In the meantime, I’ll see how this month goes, and one way or another, I plan to post the results for you to hear (and even download) in due course.

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