Beware of bargains?

Sometimes, the gamble of “if this cheap bit of computing kit doesn’t work properly, I haven’t lost much cash”, doesn’t always come off..

Best meal of the year

We’re coming to the end of our New Year break, and I think we’ve just experienced the highlight of our time away: a marvellous dinner at an Indian restaurant we haven’t visited in quite a few years. Not that we really needed an excuse, but with our daughter’s birthday and my parents’ wedding anniversary not […]

Hunting for inspiration

When I started on my BlogADay2011 journey nearly a week ago, I recall writing that I couldn’t always guarantee a scintillating reading experience every day. I suspect this may be one of those occasions… To be honest, the main thing on my mind in creative terms right now, concerns one of my other New Year […]

Online (just about)

In which Tim spins a short shaggy-dog tale about the technical lengths he’s going to, to try and keep up with his BlogADay2011 commitment…