The best-laid plans

Today, I would like to share with you a carefully-considered and reasoned post about my New Year resolution, to write and record at least one new song, every month throughout 2011. I would also like to offer up a few possible reasons for my relative inactivity on this front in the year just passed, and how I hope to put it all behind me for the project ahead of me.

I would like to do all this, but the WordPress client on my Nokia N8 took the post I had spent the last couple of hours crafting, and for reasons unknown to itself, hurled every word into the empty void, never to be heard from again (as far as I know).

Should I find that somehow, the post did in fact make it to in some form, I’ll publish it here; perhaps I’ll rewrite what I wanted to say, and post the new version instead.

For today, however, I offer to my fellow bloggers and writers the following advice: never trust your words entirely to one blogging application, if you don’t want to lose them should your browser crash, lose the network, and so on. Copy your post to a text editor, wordprocessor or whatever, before you hit “publish”, and then hopefully you’ll avoid the “noooooooo!!!” moment I enjoyed about an hour ago.

Hope this helps…

(written whilst not quite watching “A Good Year” with wife and parents 🙂 )

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