My “identity archipelago”

As I set out on my BlogADay2011 journey, I’m hopeful that I will pick up at least a few new readers along the way.

With that in mind, I thought that newcomers to this blog might be interested in a few other locations on the Web which I inhabit; if you like, the islands in my online archipelago. (I can’t take credit for cooking up that rather impressive analogy; I seem to recall it was Eric Meyer who coined it, but I’ll correct it here if I called it wrongly.)

So, where else can you find me online?

  • My Twitter feed: I’ve been a regular here since 2008, and barring the occasional deliberate absence, you’ll find me “tweeting” daily. Aside from this blog, probably the best means of keeping up with me.
  • My Bandcamp page: You’ll get the idea pretty quickly from this blog that music is rather important to me; my page at Bandcamp is where I post recordings of my work. The downloads can be either free or paid-for, and as I aim to write and record at least one new song per month in 2011, I’ll be uploading the results to Bandcamp.
  • My Flickr photoset: At the moment, most new photos I post here are backups of my Yfrog (Twitter) pics, but occasionally I’ll upload other snaps of mine as I get time, find something of interest, etc.

I have a few other online “presences”, but these are the ones I use most, and/or are most likely to continue for the foreseeable future. Please feel free to drop by, and hopefully it’ll complement what you’re finding out about me from this blog 🙂

(For anyone interested, I’m “moblogging” this entry on my Nokia N8 mobile phone with a Bluetooth keyboard, mostly as I can’t be bothered right now to unpack the netbook. The next few days’ posts may be brief, for reasons of being on a break, possible low mobile network signal, and so on, but I’ve committed to blogging every day this year, and so I shall…)

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