Five Symbian apps I’d like ported to my Nokia N8

OK, let me clarify this: these are the five apps which are already available for earlier versions of the Symbian OS (i.e. S60 3rd and 5th Editions), which I would really like to see ported over to the Symbian^3 OS used in the Nokia N8.

Granted, it is possible in most cases (though usually with a bit of “hacking”) to get the S60 versions of these apps installed and/or running on a Symbian^3 device. However, there are caveats—incomplete functionality, user interface problems, etc.—and the older apps will not be able to make use of S^3’s new features, UI, etc.

So, here’s my list:

  • Skype (with video-calling)
  • Nokia Internet Radio
  • Nokia Podcasting
  • YouTube client
  • PuTTY for Symbian

Searching around the Web for news on these apps, brings mixed results. The most positive rumblings seem to be coming from Skype; a staff member on the Skype forum has posted that they are hoping to release an S^3 version by Christmas 2010 (though I’d be willing to wait longer if it meant a decent Skype “experience” on the N8).

There is little sign at time of writing, of Nokia releasing “native” S^3 versions of their Internet Radio and Podcasting applications, though it is assumed that their developers are working on them (or alternatives). Steve Litchfield has found workrounds for Internet Radio, coupled with a plea to Nokia to get a move on with the S^3 port; there is also an alternative podcasting app (Symbian Podcatcher), which ironically seems to have moved under Nokia’s wing now that the Symbian Foundation is being wound up.

Less positive news on the YouTube app front—I often used this on my Nokia N95, and really miss it on the N8, but attempts to run the old S60 YouTube app on the N8 have apparently met with little success. Who knows whether Google will bother porting their Symbian app to S^3, but we can but chase them and hope…

Finally, PuTTY (an SSH (Secure SHell) client) for Symbian appears to have “forked”, into the original S60 3rd Edition (e.g. Nokia N95) version and a “touch UI” 5th Edition version, being worked on by a different developer. I admit I’m not desperate for an SSH client on my N8 at this time, but it could become a “nice-to-have” at some point in the future… and anyway, I was struggling for a fifth item to add to my list 🙂

Anyway, there’s my set of “I want” N8 apps—what’s yours?

(Update (2010/11/30): According to a comment on a blog post, an S^3 version of Nokia Internet Radio “is very nearly finished and due in [the Ovi] store soon”, so hopefully the wait is nearly over for that 🙂 )

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