New blog link: FAWM

Partly to keep you informed, but also to prove I’m still alive (just in case you don’t follow me on Twitter 😉 ), I’ve added a new link under my “Me, distributed” list on this blog: to my profile on FAWM. FAWM stands for “February Album Writing Month”, and is an initiative where participants undertake […]

WordPress-to-Facebook notifications

A quick blog post from my mobile: partly to ensure I still have the means, but also to find out whether automatic WordPress-to-Facebook notification is working. I suspect not (yesterday’s post didn’t come up in my FB timeline), so I may have to resort to a spot of troubleshooting to find out why. Still, nice […]

My “identity archipelago”

As I set out on my BlogADay2011 journey, I’m hopeful that I will pick up at least a few new readers along the way. With that in mind, I thought that newcomers to this blog might be interested in a few other locations on the Web which I inhabit; if you like, the islands in […]

Post A Day 2011

In which Tim rashly announces his intention to post something to this very blog, every day in 2011, and invites you all to join him for the journey…

Test post from my Nokia N8

Just trying out sending a blog post from my Nokia N8 mobile phone (via the Symbian WordPress app in the Ovi Store). Hope this works well, so I can do more mobile blogging in 2011 🙂