Post A Day 2011

It’s said that the best way to break writer’s block, is… well, just to write something.

I’m bearing that in mind for 2011 in more ways than one, but in addition to my intention to compose and record a lot more music this year than I did during this last one (of which more another time), I’ve decided to join the PostADay2011 exercise.

In a nutshell, I’m going to strain every sinew to post something to this blog every day during 2011. Now, I can’t promise that every entry will queue me up for the Booker Prize, but one way or another, you’ll see something from me every day, and it is my intention that at the very least, you’ll know me rather better by this time next year. For better or worse…

So, the rollercoaster begins its inexorable haul up to the top of that rather unnervingly tall drop. I would be most honoured to have you join me in the train.

Here goes…

Oh, by the way: Happy New Year! 🙂

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