New blog link: FAWM

Partly to keep you informed, but also to prove I’m still alive (just in case you don’t follow me on Twitter 😉 ), I’ve added a new link under my “Me, distributed” list on this blog: to my profile on FAWM.

FAWM stands for “February Album Writing Month”, and is an initiative where participants undertake to compose and record a 14-song album in one month (which, as you may have worked out, happens to be February). Or, as the site itself puts it:

Think of FAWM as a big, free, month-long, international songwriting workshop that only requires an Internet connection (instead of a plane ticket and hefty registration fee).


…our focus here is on songwriting, not recording. Rough demo recordings are encouraged if you are able (see below). But don’t let production values get in the way of your creative process, there’s plenty of time for that in the rest of the year.

In other words, the aim is to write (on average) a new song every two days, from scratch (i.e. no pre-prepared material), and if possible, to record at least a rough demo of each one. It’s an example of the kind of songwriting exercise designed to break through “writer’s block” (or more accurately, the fear of writing something sub-standard, which often prevents the composer writing anything at all).

Yes, it’s a bit of a shame that I have to wait over seven months for the next “round”, but I’m thoroughly looking forward to the opportunity to see if I can actually do this. Rest assured: I’ll keep you posted in the run-up to FAWM 2013, and as far as possible, during it…

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