New album: The Pattern Store – “Moquettes”

Well, I completed NaSoAlMo 2014… and here is the resulting album, the first from my “virtual band” The Pattern Store:

(Note that the embedded player starts at track 6, so if you’d prefer to hear the album from the beginning, I suggest going to the album page on Bandcamp… and for best results, download your own copy (see below).)

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with “Moquettes”, especially given that I had to do the whole lot in one month (and no more), and even within that period I hadn’t much time to work on the album… that said, I think it came out rather well, if I say so myself!

You can listen to the album above (or via The Pattern Store’s “Moquettes” page on Bandcamp), and best of all: I decided to make it a free download 🙂 Go and grab your copy in whatever format you desire… only, I’d do so soon, as I can’t guarantee how long the album will remain available in this form. In particular, I’m contemplating producing a “Special Edition” at some point—the vocals and the mixing were all done in a hurry, under less than ideal conditions, and I may take the time one day to deal with these possible shortcomings.

Until then, I hope you enjoy “Moquettes”—stay tuned for a “debrief” of NaSoAlMo 2014, where I’ll look at what I thought went well (or not), and whether I might try this again another year 🙂

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