NaSoAlMo 2014: three days to go!

Well, I said I’d try and return here with an update on NaSoAlMo 2014, before it started… and here’s a quick post to that effect!

Follow the NaSoAlMo link above for more general details on how I’m approaching the challenge, but to add to those:

  • Unlike FAWM (where participants generally upload each song as it is completed, for fellow FAWM-ers and other listeners to pore over), most NaSoAlMo participants tend to release the whole “package” after the challenge ends on 30 November. That’s basically what I intend to do myself, though I may possibly post a snippet or two on this site during November. No promises, though 😉
  • Rather than a specific number of songs, NaSoAlMo participants aim to record a specific length of “album”—to wit, about 29 minutes’-worth. My plan is to create ten (maybe eleven) tracks, and separate the challenge into two phases:
    1. Songwriting and “core” demo-recording—if I compose each song and record a “functional” demo of it, within 48 hours (as I do with FAWM), I should be able to create ten songs in twenty days.
    2. Overdubs/re-recording and mixing—the above leaves me roughly ten days to add further instruments/vocals (and/or correct “dodgy” existing ones!), and then mix the final stereo master tracks.
  • I already have a cover for the finished album, though I haven’t decided whether to give you a “sneak preview”, or unveil it with the album…
  • What will I do with the end-product? That depends on how I feel it “comes out”… but one way or another, you’ll get the opportunity to hear the album. Unless it’s really awful, of course 😉

NaSoAlMo starts this Saturday (1st November)—for the most up-to-the-minute updates, follow my Twitter feed, but if you’re content to stick with more sporadic “digests”, I’ll try and post a few on this site too.

On your marks…!

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