It’s time for FAWM 2014!

One of the most satisfying musical aspects of last year for me, was participating in FAWM (February Album Writing Month). To the newcomer, at first glance, setting out to write and record—from scratch—14 songs in 28 days, might sound like either the height of insanity, or Mission Impossible, or even both… but it is possible, and I actually achieved the full 14 last year.

Now, I wouldn’t claim that every composition was a masterpiece (although I was pleased with many of them, and delighted with a few), but that’s not really the point of FAWM: it’s largely to get the participant writing songs without the usual factors that prevent one doing so, and hopefully, to enjoy the experience in common with the hundreds doing the same.

So, from Saturday 1st February 2014, you can track my progress at my FAWM artist page, and I’ll also post updates via my Twitter feed and my Facebook artist page. I’m not sure quite how FAWM will go for me this year, but I look forward to finding out—hope you’ll join me!

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