Hello 2014! (plus a few musical “resolutions”)

Happy New Year from myself… may 2014 exceed your expectations, at whatever height your bar is set 🙂

I’m not generally the “New Year resolutions” type, for the sort of reasons you might guess. However, I do so happen to have a couple of goal-ish thingummybobs, which I either aim to do something about during the next twelve months, or would rather like to if the opportunity presents. At least if I scribble them down here, I might be able to remind myself in a year from now, and figure out how I did…

For starters, I’m planning to participate in FAWM 2014—February Album Writing Month kicks off in about four weeks from now. I did the challenge (to write and record, from scratch, 14 songs in 28 days) in 2013, and I think it went pretty well, so barring any emergencies which require my attention, I intend to jump into FAWM again this February.

Oh, and in case you feel like hearing the results from my FAWM 2013 journey…

One event I don’t see myself doing in 2014, is FAWM’s “sister” initiative, the 50/90 Challenge. Basically, I attempted it in 2012 and 2013, and both times I found the “marathon at a sprinter’s pace” just too much to keep up with, what with a day-job, family demands and so on to juggle with writing fifty songs in three months. If I were single (or perhaps retired), I might just be able to manage 50/90, but I just don’t think it’s an option for me at my current stage of life.

Also, this year I would rather like to write and record at least one “proper” album during 2014 that isn’t “tarted-up demos from FAWM and 50/90” (to put it bluntly), so I suspect I would aim to spend a good chunk of my copious free time (!) this year, working towards that goal.

One more musical aspiration of mine: this year, I would like to learn lap-steel guitar (preferably C6 tuning, or CEGACE, low-to-high). That’s electric (plank-with-pickup-and-strings) rather than acoustic (e.g. Weissenborn)… and if I can get to the point where I sound not-unbearable on the instrument, perhaps I would try and get it onto the aforementioned album project?

So, a few scattergun (scatterbrained?) thoughts for you, as I embark on 2014. Have a good one yourself, and thanks for letting me amble along…

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