The Rockpool Files EP (2013)

This “summer”-themed four-track EP includes two songs, “Memory Lane” and “Santa’s Summer Holiday”, which I wrote and demo’ed for 50/90 2013. Both tracks are basically the demos remixed, with the vocal of the first verse of “Santa” re-recorded to replace some dodgy pitching on the original demo. I’m particularly fond of “Memory Lane”, which came out even better than I could have hoped…

I wrote and recorded the two other songs during the spring of 2013 (April-ish, if I recall correctly). The instrumental “Azure” started life as a demo for an iPhone instrument app (Bismark bs-16i, a “synthesiser” which uses SoundFont sample sound banks as a sound source), to which I added further instruments and material. “Coffee, toast and cornflakes” is a bit of an experimental song for me, which I think came out pretty well in the end.

On the technical front: I recorded “Rockpool” almost entirely on my iPhone 4S, via a TASCAM iU2 audio/MIDI interface. As well as the guitars (Seagull S12 12-string acoustic; Steinberger Sceptre and Ministar Testar electrics; Yamaha guitalele; Squier Precision Special 5-string bass) and percussion, I used a few instrument apps on the iPhone, including the aforementioned Bismark bs-16i (Mellotron, ARP String Ensemble, Stylophone) and FunkBox (drum machine on all four songs). I mixed the tracks in Logic Pro on a Mac, from where I added two guitar-synth parts on “Coffee” (the “whistle” and “horn”, from the ARP Pro Soloist clone-softsynth AM Pro SoloVST).

Overall, an EP I’m pretty pleased with… not bad for an almost-entirely-iPhone-recorded project, eh?

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