Soundtracks Vol 1 (2009)

During 2008-2009, I set out to produce some instrumental pieces which I hoped could be used as production (library) music. This collection brings together some of what I worked on, including one (“Sunnyhill”) which dates from 2001 and was one of the first pieces my wife Joy contributed keyboards to.

Ironically, I got the opportunity not long after putting this album together, to send it to an acquaintance of mine who has a lengthy and lauded career in library music in the UK. I am grateful for his forbearance, in tactfully suggesting that many of the pieces “might work better as album tracks” (suspected translation: “too many strong melodic parts”?), although he hinted that one (which one was tantalisingly left to my imagination) was practically “there”. Coming from whom it came from, I gladly took that as a considerable compliment!

More to come…

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