Lifecourses (2012)

For some time, I had wanted to produce an instrumental album based around acoustic guitar, but with progressive-rock shades, and “Lifecourses” was the eventual result. Showing influences from artists such as Mike Oldfield, Daniel Lanois, Phil Keaggy and Anthony Phillips (the latter particularly through the use of layered 12-string acoustic guitars), this was also my first album to be recorded with the Logic digital audio workstation (DAW), in conjunction with a TASCAM hard disk multitrack recorder.

On the instruments: one software synthesiser that I used—AM Pro SoloVST—is a “clone” of the ARP Pro Soloist, which Anthony Phillips played on “The Geese And The Ghost”. I played this via MIDI guitar, and it can be heard on “Ridgeway” (solo parts in the middle section and coda) and “Polyphon” (the main solo synth).

More to come…

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