Gearing up for NaSoAlMo 2016

On 1st November, barely a few days away, I’ll be starting my participation in National Solo Album Month (NaSoAlMo) 2015.

For those who haven’t encountered it before, the aim of the challenge is to compose and record at least 28 minutes of musical material (songs, instrumentals, whatever), entirely within the month of November. It’s entirely possible, and this is my third year of participation: 2014 saw me produce “Moquettes” (under the band-pseudonym The Pattern Store), whilst my 2015 demos are currently on Soundcloud (as “Phone Home”).

With only a weekend to go until the 2016 challenge begins, I admit I find myself in a real quandary about how I should approach it. I have two possible “paths” I am thinking of taking:

  • A stripped-down, largely acoustic guitar-based set, along the lines of “Pink Moon” by Nick Drake, or “Roman Candle” by Elliott Smith (except without the substance references and most of the angst); or
  • a set of “electronica”-oriented songs, founded on “groovebox” apps such as Figure and FunkBox—partly inspired by Ben Kronberg’s Internet-only album “Just Songs”.

Both have their pros and cons, and I have been swinging on an almost daily basis between them! Whichever “route” I end up taking, I think I would keep the other “in reserve” for a future project, as I really want to have a go at both creative paths at some point.

In short: I still haven’t decided which approach to take… so I’m going to see how things go when I reach November. It’s not inconceivable that I’ll end up mixing the two—I’m no stranger to “guitars with electronica” in my past work!—so I’m going to take a hold of myself and stop agonising over the question, and just “get on with it”…

So, to keep up with my NaSoAlMo progress, you can either follow my Twitter feed or my Facebook “artist” page, as I’ll be posting updates to both along the way. Hope you’ll join me… see you cheering by the roadside?

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