FAWM 2015: on your (my?) marks…

A quick-ish note (by my standards), to let you know that I’ve decided (after a bit of humming and haw-ing) to take part in another FAWM (February Album Writing Month) 2015.

This will be the third year I have participated in this Internet challenge, which (for the uninitiated) involves writing and recording—from scratch—14 songs in 28 days. I’ve written about my previous years’ endeavours before, but suffice it to say: such a “Herculean” task is quite possible to achieve. You have to learn to “drop your shields”—i.e. to “run with” ideas you wouldn’t normally try—and to be prepared for the possibility (or even probability) that you may write something not up to your usual standards.

As it happens, my song output from FAWM in 2013 and 2014 was, if I’m honest, a little variable, but I feel at least some of the material I wrote was decent, or in a few cases, some of the best pieces I’ve come up with. A couple of my FAWM 2014 songs will feature—slightly re-worked— on an album I have nearly completed work on, which I hope to put out in some form during 2015. Watch this space…

So: FAWM 2015—what of it? Well, it kicks off tomorrow (1st Feb), and I know this: I’m going in completely “dry” (no ideas what to start with, etc.); and I’ve decided to limit myself to only using guitars and other fretted instruments—no sequencers, drum-machines and so on. I may allow myself to use a bit of guitar-synth, but as far as possible, it’s guitars-only for FAWM this year!

So, I’m not sure quite how FAWM will work out in 2015, but then again, that’s more or less how I felt the two previous years, and they didn’t come out too badly… If you’d like to keep up with my progress, you can follow along via my FAWM artist page, and I’ll be posting updates to my Twitter feed and my Facebook “artist page” (“Like” me! 😉 ), with links to the new songs and demos. Hope to see you there…

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