New site section – “The Frets Files”

A quick housekeeping item, particularly for the “guitar buffs” among you (but don’t feel left out if you doubt you fit that description…):

I have just added a new section to this site, by the name of “The Frets Files”: a compendium of features on my various fretted instruments. Inspired by the “Pick Of The Month” at the website of former XTC guitarist Dave Gregory (though my collection is a fraction of the size of DG’s!), I’ll be adding to TFF over time, explaining a bit about how I came to own each instrument, what I think of it/use it for, and where in my recorded output you can hear it in action.

Kicking off the proceedings is my 2012 Harley Benton Ministar Testar electric “travel” guitar—feel free to head on over, and I’ll let you know here as and when when I add a new page to the section.

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