Christmas Eve “wrap-up” (sorry ;-) )

Rushing around like one of Santa’s elves, but that’s December 24th for you…

Firstly: a warm, indeed toasty, welcome to anyone visiting from, where “…amid the winter snow…”, the Christmas mini-album my wife Joy and I released in 2010, has just been featured in MUO’s Sound Sunday article on “holiday albums”. This came totally out of the blue, hence this site not quite being ready for readers interested in the album!

In case you’re wondering how to get to “…amid the winter snow…”, here’s the Bandcamp player for it:

I especially recommend skipping straight to my wife’s solo piano piece, “Snowflakes are falling”—I think it’s probably the best track on there. Joy is a really talented pianist and composer, and I hope we’ll all be hearing a lot more from her very soon.

In case you still feel like another dose of aural festivities, there’s also my Christmas “single”…

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who has supported and encouraged me this year—too many to mention in total, but special “ta-muchly”s go out to Dave Jeffery, and also to the crowd from the 50/90 Challenge (see you in February for FAWM!).

I’ll be back here before 2012 is out, but in the meantime, I’d like to wish you all a very happy Christmas, and thanks again for making the season bright!

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