If I changed my Nokia N8 for an iPhone… pros and cons

Five things I’d miss from my N8…

  • Gravity (if there’s a fuller-featured social-networking app for iOS than Gravity—and read the features list for it before you suggest an alternative—I genuinely want to hear about it… good luck)
  • The camera (if Apple had installed a 12Mp camera unit with a proper (xenon) flash and Carl Zeiss optics in an iPhone by now, I’d probably already have switched)
  • Nokia Maps (a free mapping and satnav suite that really doesn’t stink… and yes, I do know about “Nokia HERE” for iOS—according to The Register’s review of HERE, it doesn’t have the satnav (turn-by-turn navigation), nor much polish yet)
  • Situations (seriously: please tell me if there’s an iPhone app which does the same as Situations (enables automatic switching of phone profiles based on location, time, WiFi hotspots, etc.), as I will really miss this feature from my N8 when it’s gone)
  • USB OTG (plug in USB flash drives, etc.) and built-in HDMI port (OK, that’s two, but… oh, just go with it…)

…and five things I’d gain with an iPhone

  • Instagram (indulge me…)
  • All the music production apps (multitrackers, synths, drum machines, etc. etc.) I’ve been enjoying on the iPod Touch
  • HDR photos capture-able on the device
  • More potential attention from muggers (! – your average hoodie won’t know what to do with an N8)
  • Support for at least a year or two more than my N8’s likely to get… hopefully 😉

Still thinking it over…

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