TASCAM iM2 stereo microphone for iDevices: first test

Thanks to a recent birthday, I’ve been able to invest in a couple of items to “beef up” my mobile (4th-gen iPod Touch-based) recording “rig”. The TASCAM iM2 is one of these—it plugs into the dock connector (the “old” 30-pin one) of a compatible iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, and basically turns it into a high-quality digital stereo recorder.

There’s a whole review I could write of the iM2 (and the other item I invested in), and I hope I will… but in the meantime, here’s a “raw” test recording I made with the mike, of a solo guitalele piece of mine (which I originally composed for the 2012 50/90 Challenge):

Rather nice, I thought…

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