Site updates: new pages for my albums

I figured it really was about time I started paying more attention to doing things on this Web site, especially as it became clear I wasn’t going to move anywhere else… (I thought this would be a temporary arrangement, but it seems to work pretty well for me here!)

I’m thinking of adding a few new features and pages here (and have a couple more plans in the pipeline, which I’ll keep under wraps until I actually get around to them), but in the meantime I’ve started creating pages for my albums, beginning with the ones which are currently available via my Bandcamp site. You can play/preview tracks (and go through to purchase/download them if you like), and also read my notes, commentary and other jottings, regarding what I remember about recording each album. (Some pages will have more words than others; I’ll be adding to them as/when I find time, inspiration, etc.)

As I said, I’d like to do a fair bit more with this site than I have until now, and as I actually get around to doing so, I’ll keep you informed here. Thanks for reading, and drop me a line if you have any constructive ideas 🙂

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