Checking in…

Hi all… sorry I haven’t turned up here much in the last few months, but I’ve had so much “on”, not least my participation in the 2012 50/90 Challenge. You can read up about the background to that in my last few blog posts, and I’m writing a “debrief” (as it finished at the start of this month), but suffice it to say for now:

  • I managed to write 36 songs (and am rather proud of it 😉 );
  • Vol 1 of my 50/90 songs was released on Bandcamp a few weeks ago…
  • …and I have just “thrown the switch” on Vol 2!

(Reasons To Love Bandcamp, no. 94: their embedded player rocks 🙂 )

Next step: choose eight to ten of what I think are the strongest songs, add a couple of others I wrote before (that have been waiting their turn), for reworking/recording into a “proper” album, hopefully over the next few months. That should tide me over until FAWM in February 🙂

And in the midst of the madness, if I can find a bit of spare time, I have an idea or two for this blog as well…

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